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Masculinity in our society throughout history since the colonisation has been shaped into an ideal where gender roles have become very distinct, until recently in the past 50 years the rise of queer culture has broken the systemic homophobia. We have been pushing the definition of what it means to be a "man". on Instagram but formally known as Rosh, we have blossomed a friendship of unconventional sorts through our communities online, he a flamboyant gay man helped me face my own internalised homophobia and coming to terms with my identity. In the past I had struggled with my femininity as I was taught to always repress that side of my personality, this is common among South Asian communities and causes years of internal metal battles for "men". This imagery is a 3 image set where the traditional jewellery represents the femininity of our Indian roots and the hand ripping it off our neck tells the story of societal pressure to blend into the norms of society. Posed together in harmony and comfort we unite to stand up for ourselves embracing all aspects of our personality.

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