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eyes open to the sound of my alarm,
shutting it off I turn to face the window,
veiled by sheer fabric sunlight dims, 
the day outside looks the same every morning, 
yet my ambition is questioned,
doubt fills my mind,
am I doing the right thing?
what if I make the wrong choice?
am I good enough?
questioning my ability, 
the ‘what if’s’ consume me,
left lying in my bed,
pondering my mind,
sunrise turns sunset,
lack of ambition,
a mental game, 
yet the sun rises again,
today I win, 
my worth,
measured by hard work,
talent isn’t always enough,
it’s what you make of it.
- romea

This image represents the struggle with self-doubt, it consumes you, leaving you in a negative mental state. But you have to try to reach for your ambition, your willingness to work through the doubt is the hardest part, you just have to believe that your dreams are worth fighting for. The self-doubt is what differs you from them, when you make it on top, be proud because you fought the battle within and that’s something only a few can say!

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