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live to die

"Live to Die" explores the concept of reversing roles with animals, placing myself in their position to allow the viewer to be able to relate to the issue. Using a flat lay style of photography commonly associated with food I told a story, in the midst of chopped potatoes and lemons, leaves and flower petals sprinkled around creating a harmonious and calming balance. Representing the pain, torture and slaughter it takes for the meat to reach your table, while the list reads the ingredients it takes to consume the food. 

Placing nature around myself I mocked the argument which comes from the opposition when discussing veganism, that it is natural but in this image death is shown in a way that is relatable to us trying to help the viewer understand veganism. Merging the elements of flat lay photography and portraiture I was able to refine my ideas into one piece allowing the meanings and messages of both concepts to shine.

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