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Levis denim became the nature of rebellion. Stone Wall Riots began a movement for the LGBTQ community, history of abuse, assault and discrimination, a homage to their fight a story never that was forgotten.

This garment began with research into Levis and how the wear on the denim tells a story of the owner, further research took me to the history of rebellion and Levis with the hippie peace movement, bike gangs, punk rock and Stone Wall riots. I dug deeper into the movement of the LGBTQIA fight for acceptance and began to visually portray their story through the fabric, I related to this personally as being apart of the community myself I thought it was important to recognise and pay homage to the people who allowed me to live a life with acceptance and value. The silhouette derived from playing with denim shorts on a mannequin and how the seam and cut of the garment created an exaggerated shape with volume, through exploiting this idea I explored many designs. The final design features exaggerated hips with volume when viewed from the side the hip shape is of a tear in reference to the pain of the riots, as the cutouts near the crotch reference the sexual harassment while the distressed unhemming speaks on breaking the traditional homophobic mindset of society.

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