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This swatch is a mixture of influences, let me start at the fabric, the gathered black and white fabric is second hand and recycled materials which I gathered from family and friends; the black and white represent masculinity and femininity when placed together they work in harmony. 

The calico panel which they are attached to represents the 
body, as toiles and trials are often completed in calico and this significance to me symbolises the body of fashion as mannequins are also made of calico. 
My theme of gender non-conformity using both masculinity and femininity in relation to the body is expressed through an array of symbolism throughout the swatch. 
The swatch is 4 meters long and 1 meter tall when gathered using the belts it is 1x1 meter, a square. 
The concept of the design is to be worn in a multitude of ways by anyone, the purpose is for it to be something that has many uses and many lifecycles.

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