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fashion presentation:
the pitch


My design DNA is rooted in the clash of cultures referencing traditional Indian silhouettes and techniques and combining them with Western clothing archetypes inspired by my immigrant experience and intersectional identities. I explore this through corsetry/suiting techniques and fashions often used in an array of Indian garments.


I soothed the empty feelings with binge eating that resulted in weight issues leading me to become disgusted with my body, the uncomfortable feeling of binding my stomach with medical fabric tape every day for school soon became comfortable giving me control over my vanity.


The body that I wanted to hide I’m slowly beginning to accept and appreciate, this collection celebrates lumps, bumps and curves that have been forbidden for so long using a juxtaposition of ultimate beauty standards and real bodies. The use of sharp lines in geometric form symbolises dress-making mannequins and societal expectations while the organic flow of draping references the escape from expectation and rebel against societal structure through a surrealist, playful, painful, queer and immigrant lens. 

final sketches

revised sketches after feedback
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front , Side and back

progress so far

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progress so far

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Fashion FIlm

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